PSP Puzzle & Board Games

Are you of the opinion that the electronic versions of classic-style board games and puzzles are just uninteresting adaptations? Think once again. Uploading these games onto the PSP platform opens an entire new dimension of game playing.

Board Games on PSP:

Scrabble for PSP

Scrabble for PSP

Even such a hoard board game as Scrabble becomes a much more attractive exercise in wordplay on your PSP. With pattern recognition features, hints to help you consolidate your own vocabulary, and many more different training exercises, your skill level will soon rise to a new level.

Chess players who explore the new ChessMaster game accrue similar advantages. In the beginning you will be greeted with a guide to increase your level of play by leaps and bounds. The game allows you to try out new strategies and shows the strengths and weaknesses of your different approaches. With this electronic version of classic and popular games any chess player will improve soon.

In Buzz! The Master Quiz. be ready for over 5,000 questions! At first glance Buzz may look like a cross between a careerist and a game show host, but he knows his stuff. Let him just be your leader as you roam over different topics which range from music to sports, nature to movies, science to celebrities.

Challenge your mind:

Practice your visual imagination with the Picture This feature or up the action with the Quickfire Challenge. Stretch your intellect to the edge with the Virus Challenge part. By using its multiplayer mode you can easily test your knowledge and skills against that of friends and family. While the Quiz Host explores your abilities, you can learn more than you ever could imagine.

Namco Museum Battle Collection

Namco Museum Battle Collection

Working with the Namco Museum: Battle Collection you can relax your mind and instead work on your hand-eye coordination. Basically it contains 80 vintage arcade games and many new ones like Galaga and Xevious. On the one hand in Galaga your task is to challenge a swarm of bee-like aliens and on the other hand in Xevious you are a pilot destroying enemy targets in the air and on the ground.

Now you are ready to enter the world of the Bosconians and combat to survive against a galaxy of space stations as you avoid asteroids. After this challenge you come in Rally X back down to mother earth and drive through an ambitious maze while you penetrate smoke screens and avoid the other cars. By using the PSP’s Wi-Fi feature you can be part of a 4-player game.

After this challenging game it is time to explore the Seven Wonders. Featuring civilization’s most astonishing sights and sites, you will travel to the Great Pyramid of Giza. You will become breathless with veneration as you are walking through the Mediterranean islands of ancient Greece or wander through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Do everything possible in order to match 3 magical rune coins that will provide you with the resources to build the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Be unsuccessful and you may be the one to expiate the Pharaoh’s rage. With 49 different levels you may be a simple stone hauler one day, but very soon you will be the master architect.