PSP Adventure Games

Gaming and adventure are almost synonymous. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the line of adventure games specifically designed for the PlayStation Portable platform. This special category of PSP games takes you through every world you just can imagine, and those you never dreamed of before.

Prince of Persia Rival Swords

Prince of Persia Rival Swords

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords is an excellent place to start the game. You will take the role of the Prince as you battle demons within and without. To defeat both you will need all your willpower. The kingdom’s future hangs in the equilibrium.

Just like the movie, 300: Your march to Glory will be continued with the Spartan quest against the Persian hordes. Move across the Mediterranean Sea to turn into one of the Greek warriors who will protect the city-state from the advancing enemy army. In order to keep civilization alive, be ready to pay the ultimate price.

Experience top adventure:

In God of War you now enter the world of the Greek gods: Manacles of Olympus. Become the abundant Kratos and struggle to keep away from the pitfalls that attack you at every step you take. With turns and twists the like you have never seen before, you will take a perpetuity to unravel them and master the game. Thanks to multiple endings, just finished you will have to begin anew.

Enter the world of Dragon Ball Z with whisking your PSP 3000 off to Asia: Shin Budokai, A further Road. Be a part in the story of Trunk and follow his life of heroic odyssey. Master your own shortcomings and combat in order to stay alive as you travel along his trail.

Another possibility is, become Lego Indiana Jones. The ultimate take off for the adventure of a life span. With whip at the ready you will have to stretch your intellect to the limit to solve the puzzles needed to get hold of the treasure. While playing you unlock any of 60 different characters who blunder into deep trouble. To find your way out of it join in with your friends.

Transformers: The Game

Transformers: The Game

Be ready to save our planet in Transformers. These enormous robots can become anything you can imagine and you will need to as well in order to prevent them from devastating the earth. Rated for Everyone 10 or older (E 10+), your task is to protect the world as an Autobot, assigned to ward off the destructive Decepticons.

Aliens and Heroes:

Now leave mother earth behind you as you enter the world of Ben 10 Alien Force. Become any of 5 different alien existence forms as you equip yourself for combat. It is possible to unlock up to 30 attacks and be well prepared for all of them. Solving the puzzle keeps you alive while racing through the galaxy.

The world of Prinny is still stranger: One question arises: Can I Really Be the Hero? In this cosmos of Disgaea manipulate all the bird-like creatures. Lift your missile and be prepared for anything when you do. Slash your track through the Netherworlds to get out into the light again.

Now, least but not last, graduate to the Class of Heroes. You are following any of 75 different maps, as you go dungeon crawling. You will find your skills tested to the edge to make your way out. This game provides more than 500 different character possibilities, due to this it is the ultimate in role-playing.

Keep in mind: Whatever world you enter and whichever character you become, be prepared for adventure as you load up a PSP game.