PSP Action Games

If you think there are too few games available for Sony’s portable platform, you’re just not right. There are a lot of different action games that can be played on the PSP.

Racing Action:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City is one of the most popular games on the market. It offers heart-pumping races and classic crashes for the action and thrill seeking PlayStation user. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories takes it all a level higher. In Vice City 1984 your fellows and you have to do everything to survive.

For younger gamers there are some racing action games available, too. The parents won’t have any doubts to let their kids play Speed Carbon: Own the City which is suited for children aged 10 or older. It offers the same action and racing intensity but leaves out the mature content.

Heroes and Star Wars:

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 will also increase your adrenaline and is the right game for real heroes. You have to use all your senses in fulfilling WWII missions and the game is rated T for Teens. The great visuals make it a special treat for your eyes.

The Star Wars BattleFront II is the thing for the science fiction fans. The successor of the original Star Wars game is an enhancement and offers a lot of challenges on your way through the galaxy. To become a Jedi Knight you have to fight against Storm Troopers and other evil creatures.

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

If you even need more science fiction action, get Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron. Right after the Battle of Endor, the freedom fighters are threatened by the forces of darkness again. You have to fight the evil once more and increase your Jedi skills.

The ultimate game for Star Wars freaks is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which will answer the question if you’re a real Jedi Knight. You can develop your Force Push, Grip, Repulse, and Lightning powers after becoming Darth Vader’s apprentice.

The fans of martial arts will have fun playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes on their PSP. You have to be quick and strong to fight your way through the game. The dark corridors offer you the chance to improve your skills as a Ninja.

The comic and movie aficionados might want to check out Spiderman: Friend or Foe. You can even decide if you want to be good old Spidey or his evil double, Black Spiderman. On your way to glory you will meet up with and battle the villains you know from the comics.

As you can see, there is a Sony PlayStation Portable action game for everyone and it’s up to you to race through Vice City, travel through galaxies or fight against evil characters.