PSP Music

Guess what? I have become a PSP expert! Uh… just kidding, but yes, I really know something about PSP music and I guess that I can help you if you want to play music on you sexy device. I really learnt it well! So, I will try and help you to make your cool PSP a portable music system!

One of the limitations that the PSP can have is that you may not be able to pack in all the available music tracks in your PSP memory stick (though you can get one with higher capacity), you can always replace one track with other one if you know how to do that!

Steps to put music on PSP

  • On the left side of your PSP, you will find a memory stick slot. Insert a memory stick there. If you want to store a large number of files, you may need to buy a memory stick with high capacity storage!
  • Turn on your PSP.
  • Plug in a USB cord at the back of your PSP and your PC or MAC machine. Well, well, you need to have a Mini-B connector at one end of the USB chord. This actually connects the PSP and the other end must have a standard USB connector, which you connect to your computer.
  • There is a settings icon in your PSP’s home menu. You need to scroll to that.
  • In the settings menu, you can find a USB Connection icon. Scroll to that icon and you will then have to press the X button. Your PSP then displays the following words: “USB Mode”. It is then that the computer will recognize your PSP as a USB storage device.
  • On the PSP memory stick, create a folder called PSP.  Then create a folder named MUSIC in the PSP folder.
  • Drag and drop music files in the Music folder simply as you save files in a different folder in your computer.
  • Disconnect the PSP from your computer by simply clicking on "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the task bar of your PC or if you are using MAC, you have to eject the drive! Unplug the USB cable and you then need to press the circle button on your PSP so that you can return to the home menu and voila!!!…we are done!!
PSP Music Screen

PSP Music Screen

I discovered that I can actually listen to various types of music files on my PSP which include MP3, ATRAC3plus, WMA, WAV and MP4. However, I always required a firmware version, which is either 2.60 or higher. I had a firmware version below that and I could only enjoy a few formats. Not all formats were supported! Also you need to remember that Memory Stick Duo is always a better choice than Memory Stick Pro Duo. This is simply because of the reason that the later does not recognize all types of music files! You money and your time are wasted.

There are some great PSP download centers where you can download PSP music. What I found is that MP3 is the most preferred format for the PSP. This can bring certain disadvantages, which I guess are worth mentioning.


  • MP3 format takes greater space in PSP memory stick than formats like Atrac3, which has same music quality as the MP3.
  • It is difficult to convert other music files to MP3 format because of the Digital Management Rights, which controls and restricts the use of digital music.

Advantages of PSP Music

  • The two stereo speakers give extremely good quality stereo sound and are actually very good.
  • The sound quality increases with the headphones and actually almost all headphones can be plugged in because of the 3.5mm jack.
  • It discards the necessity of carrying a different music player!


PSP can be a very handy device when you are travelling. You can keep yourself occupied if you feel bored. You can actually enjoy a multitude of functionality, which includes gaming, movies and music. So, enjoy!!